Welcome To The Public Keystore(tm) Website 


Since 2013's media revelations of governments' prying eyes -  time for worrying about your personal and professional data privacy is over.


     We are an international firm selling public key crypto solutions. We offer distinct explanation and clarification, on how to use Public Key Crypto. We maintain particular emphasis on migrating individuals and business from Windows(tm) solutions because the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of Windows(tm) LANs, WANS, PCs, Tablets, Devices, and Networks is steep, when compared to open software solutions - where the TCO is merely the time to download and incorporate the freeware open source materials. Of course the same goes for Apple(tm) and other hardware makers. Even verions of the free Linux operating system now often require a fee. The pattern - trend is global..Our firm helps you to avoid getting locked into the hardware oligarchy-plutocracy oriented supervendor pony up yearly fees  worldwide of those wealthy, who wish to seize control the web, as well as the information you can get and use - and - ultimately - the information you can get and receive and know about. And then these outfits still might unabashedly continue to charge you for upgrades, new versions and a plethora of fee based services. Sound familiar? We further emphasize that the web was created for public domain and freely and internationally available and open for all. And what you wish to remain private - will be private if you use our services.